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What is the meaning of bad tempered in Hindi?

Meaning of bad tempered in Hindi is : चिड़चिड़ा

Definition of word bad tempered

  • Alternative spelling of bad-tempered. (adjective)

Examples of word bad tempered

  • He grew increasingly badtempered and red in the face.
  • Virtuous: but occasionally they were also badtempered.
  • The day after Clinton spoke, a badtempered crowd at Ohio State University jeered Albright, Berger and William Cohen live on CNN as they tried to explain U.S. policies toward Iraq.
  • Leonard himself, on her other side, bristled with a badtempered moustache and tried unsuccessfully to talk to Orinda across his wife and me.
  • He could be ruthless or magnaminous, kind or scathing, badtempered or charming—but he was consistently dynamic and left a lasting impression on everyone he met.


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