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What is the meaning of bagge in Hindi?

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Definition of word bagge

Examples of word bagge

  • As checked bagge, they've got to fit through the xray slide, even though they will also probably be hand check for bombs!
  • Posted August 12, 2009 8:23 AM anders bagge writes:
  • My wheelchair charger was in the single piece of checked bagge which left without me on the non-accessible bus, as it is too large to fit in my carry-on.
  • Posted August 13, 2009 10:57 PM anders bagge writes:
  • Only 1 of the 5 moving walkways was working and once we got through the queue at passport control the escalator to bagge reclaim wasn't working either.
  • Nick Gillespie, editor or Reason, sez: thanks for the plug re: bagge (however negative). take a look at peter's longer-form comics for us and i think you'll agree they are pretty damn swell. including:
  • Chest would not doe him any further service; but if shee pleased to lende him a small sacke or bagge, shee might keepe the Cofer, for in her house it would divers way stead her.
  • Those that did serue vs with it had a great bagge tied ouer their showlders, with a broad belt like an arming belt full of plates of copper and gilt, with part of the sayd bagge vnder his arme, and the mouth in his hand: then he had a deuise to let it out when he would into cuppes, when we called for drinke.
  • There were carried out an hundred and three and thirty bags, and in euery bagge, as it was tolde vs, one thousand ducats, which amounteth to three hundred and thirty thousand,342 and in sterling English money to fourescore and nineteene thousand pounds.
  • The Lord Chancellor is called Nissangi Bassa, who sealeth with a certaine proper character such licences, safe conducts, passeports, especiall graunts, &c. as proceed from the Grand Signior: notwithstanding all letters to forreine princes so firmed be after inclosed in a bagge, and sealed by the Grand Signior, with a signet which he ordinarily weareth about his necke, credited of them to haue bene of ancient appertayning to king Salomon the wise.