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What is the meaning of bake in Hindi?

Meaning of bake in Hindi is : सेकना

Definition of word bake

  • To cook (something) in an oven. (verb)
  • To dry by heat. (verb)
  • To prepare food by baking it. (verb)
  • To be baked to heating or drying. (verb)
  • To be hot. (verb)
  • To smoke marijuana. (verb)
  • Any of various baked dishes resembling casserole. (noun)
  • The act of cooking food by baking. (noun)

Examples of word bake

  • "since it's your duty to ostracize and bake, _ostracize_ and _bake_, and be done with your ridiculous fancies."
  • KORMAN: Well, we had a team, a great team of photo editors from leading newspapers and magazines around the country, and on a daily basis, they would whittle it down, and at night, we would have what we call a bake off where the whole production team got together and voted on what images would make it to the next day.
  • As we had no oven, mother had what we called a bake kettle; this was a flat, low kettle, with a cast cover, the rim of which turned up an inch or two, to hold coals.
  • That would be awesome, I'm a newbie bread maker and would love to bake from a starter! jhanderson3272@gmail.com
  • Just make sure you don't open the oven door until it's at least 30 minutes into the bake time - the low, long bake is key to the moisture.


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