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What is the meaning of balancer in Hindi?

Meaning of balancer in Hindi is : सन्तुलक

Definition of word balancer

  • One who, or that which, balances. (noun)
  • The rear wings of certain insects used for stability in flight. (noun)

Examples of word balancer

    • A balancer is a low-intake, concentrated source of essential protein, vitamins, and minerals, which is designed for all classes of horses when additional calories are not required.
    • In most cases it's used to force the return path for responses through the load balancer, which is important when network routing from the server
    • (either existing cookie or one created by hardware load balancer aka LB-cookie).
    • The ultimate 'balancer' in this critical debate should be the White House, led, I assume, by Larry Summers, who is the chief economic adviser.
    • President Roh Moo-Hyun greatly irked Washington in 2005 when he suggested that Seoul might seek to act as a "balancer" between the region's great powers.


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