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What is the meaning of ball in Hindi?

Meaning of ball in Hindi is : साहस

Definition of word ball

  • A solid or hollow sphere. (noun)
    एक ठोस या खोखला गोला।
  • To have sexual intercourse with. (verb)
    के साथ संभोग करना।
  • An appeal by the crowd for holding the ball against a tackled player. This is heard almost any time an opposition player is tackled, without regard to whether the rules about "prior opportunity" to dispose of the ball are fulfilled. (interjection)
    भीड़ द्वारा एक टैकल किए गए खिलाड़ी के खिलाफ गेंद को पकड़ने की अपील। यह लगभग किसी भी समय सुना जाता है जब एक विपक्षी खिलाड़ी का सामना किया जाता है, इस पर ध्यान दिए बिना कि गेंद को निपटाने के "पूर्व अवसर" के नियम पूरे होते हैं या नहीं।

Examples of word ball

  • A young lady, whilst congratulating him on his elevation, and requesting him to give a ball during the vacation, happened to touch his wig with her fan, and caused the powder to fly about; upon which the doctor exclaimed, "My dear, you see you can get the powder out of the _cannon_, but not the _ball_."
  • To celebrate his recovery, his lordship determined to give a ball; and Miss Bateman persuaded him to make it a _fancy ball_.
  • Using his line drive%, ground ball% and fly ball% to normalize things a bit, his batted-ball type should translate to about a .352 BABIP.
  • $query = "SELECT * FROM ball WHERE ball_id = '$ball'";
  • Ball is moved on canvas using specified speed, Move () method in ball class will move ball to new X and Y location. sender, EventArgs e) {_ball.
  • The Dudesons in America - co-produced by Jackass star Johnny Knoxville - took the term ball-busting to a new visual level.