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What is the meaning of ball in Hindi?

Meaning of ball in Hindi is : साहस

Definition of word ball

  • A solid or hollow sphere. (noun)
  • An object, generally spherical, used for playing games. (noun)
  • A quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape. (noun)
  • Any simple game involving a ball. (noun)
  • A pitch that falls outside of the strike zone. (noun)
  • An opportunity to launch the pinball into play. (noun)
  • A solid, spherical nonexplosive missile for a cannon, etc. (noun)
  • A jacketed non-expanding bullet, typically of military origin. (noun)
  • The set of points in a metric space lying within a given distance (the radius) of a given point; specifically, the homologue of the disk in a Euclidean space of any number of dimensions. (noun)
  • The set of points in a topological space lying within some open set containing a given point; the analogue of the disk in a Euclidean space. (noun)
  • A testicle. (noun)
  • A single delivery by the bowler, six of which make up an over. (noun)
  • A pass; a kick of the football towards a teammate. (noun)
  • The front of the bottom of the foot, just behind the toes. (noun)
  • A formal dance. (noun)
  • To have sexual intercourse with. (verb)
  • To be hip or cool. (verb)
  • An appeal by the crowd for holding the ball against a tackled player. This is heard almost any time an opposition player is tackled, without regard to whether the rules about "prior opportunity" to dispose of the ball are fulfilled. (interjection)
  • A formal dance. (noun)
  • A very enjoyable time. (noun)

Examples of word ball

  • A young lady, whilst congratulating him on his elevation, and requesting him to give a ball during the vacation, happened to touch his wig with her fan, and caused the powder to fly about; upon which the doctor exclaimed, "My dear, you see you can get the powder out of the _cannon_, but not the _ball_."
  • To celebrate his recovery, his lordship determined to give a ball; and Miss Bateman persuaded him to make it a _fancy ball_.
  • Using his line drive%, ground ball% and fly ball% to normalize things a bit, his batted-ball type should translate to about a .352 BABIP.
  • $query = "SELECT * FROM ball WHERE ball_id = '$ball'";
  • Ball is moved on canvas using specified speed, Move () method in ball class will move ball to new X and Y location. sender, EventArgs e) {_ball.


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