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What is the meaning of ballad in Hindi?

Meaning of ballad in Hindi is : सादा गाना

Definition of word ballad

  • A long song or poem that tells a story. (noun)
  • A slow romantic pop song. (noun)
  • To make mention of in ballads. (verb)

Examples of word ballad

  • Cheap sentiment sinks the title ballad, but the closer, "Make This Moment (To Love Again)," while sentimental as well, has the charm of a classic pop bauble from the 50s.
  • I mean, I suppose it does constitute a reading and all, given that the ballad is highly narrative, basically a wee story told in song.
  • Another song by Pete Seeger, this sorrowful ballad is taken from a Latin medieval poem, known as an “Ubi Sunt” (literally, Where Are …), the song refers to nostalgia and death.
  • One of his most beautiful melodies, for example, is “We Are One”, a foofily sung ballad from the cheesy Jaws ripoff Orca.
  • But we have in ballad form an account of what Prince Hal, now Henry V, said to Judge Gascoigne on the occasion of his retirement from the Bench:


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