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What is the meaning of ballplayer in Hindi?

Meaning of ballplayer in Hindi is :

Definition of word ballplayer

  • An athlete, usually a basketball, baseball, or football player. (noun)

Examples of word ballplayer

  • An analogy to a minor-league ballplayer is apt: if you get your "cup of coffee" in the majors, would you be happy going back to play for the Podunk Boll Weevils?
  • He essentially sold shares in his future earnings, just like this ballplayer is doing now.
  • Well, I got a 50% by running through it so quickly that I tapped the wrong button about three times ... these questions are frequently the equivalent of asking whether a certain ballplayer preferred gum or chaw.
  • Of course these writers don't delve deep enough into Cobb's life so that they can discover that Cobb rarely used those sharpened spikes on opponents (no more than the average ballplayer from the dead ball era) and that the real reason he sharpened his spikes before games in the dugout in full view of his opponents was to get a psychological edge.
  • The retired ballplayer is living quietly in the Bay Area and coaching for the Oakland A’s, 1968. 54
  • "It's a special feeling because I know my message of being a Latino ballplayer is getting across to different families," he says, "and it gives kids hope that someday they can reach their dreams.
  • The ballplayer is the first contestant to go home on season 13 of the ABC hit.