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What is the meaning of bank in Hindi?

Meaning of bank in Hindi is : साहूकारी करना

Definition of word bank

  • An institution where one can place and borrow money and take care of financial affairs. (noun)
  • To deal with a bank or financial institution. (verb)

Examples of word bank

    • ** Cash only, or bank to bank** I will not accept any Cashier check of any kind.
    • The word bank reached new heights following the successful commercial enterprises of the East India Company.
    • It brings a whole new movie -- meaning to the term bank branch.
    • Early on, you find a alien watch that contains a journal to remind you of your quests, a map to show you where to go, an inventory showing quest items you have gathered, your word bank and other helpful items.
    • The word bank comes from "banco," the bench on which itinerant merchants traded.
    • Even in countries like China, Japan, and Greece, where other words are used to capture related ideas for “banking,” the English word bank is freely recognized.xviii
    • As exhausting as this journey must have been for the word bank, it has served English-speakers well, and richly.