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What is the meaning of banner in Hindi?

Meaning of banner in Hindi is : महाशीर्ष

Definition of word banner

  • A flag or standard used by a military commander, monarch or nation. (noun)
  • Any large sign, especially if constructed of soft material or fabric. (noun)
  • A large piece of silk or other cloth, with a device or motto, extended on a crosspiece, and borne in a procession, or suspended in some conspicuous place. (noun)
  • By extension, a cause or purpose; a campaign or movement. (noun)
  • The title of a newspaper as printed on its front page; the nameplate; masthead. (noun)
  • A type of advertisement in a web page or on television, usually taking the form of a graphic or animation above or alongside the content. Contrast popup, interstitial. (noun)
  • The principal standard of a knight. (noun)
  • A person etc. who bans something. (noun)
  • Exceptional; very good. (adjective)

Examples of word banner

  • The red top refers to the color of the title banner at the top of the paper.
  • This includes the blog posts, the menus, the title banner, and so forth.
  • Earth Day in the title banner - this seems like the perfect set up for an awareness campaign around Earth Day 2009.
  • Fairfax's Domain publication announced proudly and loudly "Reserve Bank Announce Interest Rate Cut" in the title banner of the email they sent out.
  • And the banner is a striking sort in your original template.


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