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What is the meaning of banter in Hindi?

Meaning of banter in Hindi is : हास्य/उपहास

Definition of word banter

  • Good humoured, playful, typically spontaneous conversation. (noun)
  • To engage in banter or playful conversation. (verb)

Examples of word banter

    • The combo of Adam Scott (previously), Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Lizzy Caplan, and Martin Starr positively slays me, and the banter is as weird and amazing as anything on 30 Rock.
    • I love being on a PSU, the banter is the best bit and getting petrol bombed once a year is sooo much fun.
    • The scene was typical of any New York or Los Angeles opening: wine, cheese, and a crowd of fashionable art enthusiasts engaged in banter about the recent fairs and exhibitions they've seen.
    • I fully expect the POTUS to engage in banter with Palin every so often to elevate her standing.
    • You bring good diversity to the BombCast because your opinions are varied and present a good contrast to what can sometimes be predictable banter from the guys.
    • I keep hearing all the "down with corporations" banter from the left wing idiots.
    • But, frankly, I'd rather point out that having Spitzer and Parker sit so close together and trade sly banter is just plain creepy.