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What is the meaning of barbarous in Hindi?

Meaning of barbarous in Hindi is : बनैला

Definition of word barbarous

  • Not classical or pure. (adjective)
  • uncivilized, uncultured (adjective)
  • Like a barbarian, especially in sound; noisy, dissonant. (adjective)

Examples of word barbarous

  • In the times which we call barbarous, great benefices and abbeys were taxed in France to the third of their revenue.
  • The specific atrocity of such spectacles -- unknown to the earlier ages which they called barbarous -- was due to the cold-blooded selfishness, the hideous realism of a refined, delicate, æsthetic age.
  • So far as the essence of justice is concerned, there is no difference between one of the cases of punishment which you called barbarous, and one in which the penalty follows the offence within the hour.
  • Mark would not, and Prue could not, go to see the traveller off; the former being too angry to lend his countenance to what he termed a barbarous banishment, the latter, being half blind with crying, stayed to nurse Jessie, whose soft heart was nearly broken at what seemed to her the most direful affliction under heaven.
  • A high degree of refinement, however, does not seem to subdue our wicked propensities so much after all; and were civilization itself to be estimated by some of its results, it would seem perhaps better for what we call the barbarous part of the world to remain unchanged.


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