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What is the meaning of baroque in Hindi?

Meaning of baroque in Hindi is : बैरोक

Definition of word baroque

  • from the Baroque period in visual art and music. (adjective)
  • A period in western architecture from ca. 1600 to the middle of the eighteenth century, known for its abundance of decoration. (proper noun)

Examples of word baroque

    • Beyond Baroque is housed in the old city hall of Venice, a white-painted, mostly wooden building that has the stark austerity of a Midwestern Baptist church and the airy quality of a California Craftsman bungalow wrapped into on.
    • During the Thirty Years 'War the church burned out and was renewed in Baroque style in 1651-1652 and 1743-1746.
    • Baroque is a style somewhat older than our normal obsessions here, but these Baroque Bookshelves caught my attention as a quirky storage solution.
    • It is truly a jewel of colonial architecture where religious monuments in Baroque and neoclassic style have been conserved in excellent condition.