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What is the meaning of baroque in Hindi?

Meaning of baroque in Hindi is : बैरोक

Definition of word baroque

  • ornate, intricate, decorated, laden with detail. (adjective)
  • complex and beautiful, despite an outward irregularity. (adjective)
  • chiseled from stone, or shaped from wood, in a garish, crooked, twisted, or slanted sort of way, grotesque. (adjective)
  • embellished with figures and forms such that every level of relief gives way to more details and contrasts. (adjective)

Examples of word baroque

  • The word "baroque" comes from the Italian word "barocco" which means bizarre.
  • The term baroque seems, however, most acceptable if we have in mind a general European movement whose conven - tions and literary style can be described concretely and whose chronological limits can be fixed narrowly, as from the last decades of the sixteenth century to the middle of the eighteenth century in a few countries.
  • Since then the term baroque occurs in English scholarship more frequently.
  • In 1934 F.W. Bateson published his little book, English Poetry and the English Language (Oxford [1934], pp. 76-77), where he applied the term baroque even to Thomson,
  • The costumes I did see were quite fun, from women in baroque dresses (complete with ship on the hair) to steampunk farmers and the Joker.


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