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What is the meaning of barren in Hindi?

Meaning of barren in Hindi is : व्यर्थ

Definition of word barren

  • unable to bear children; sterile (adjective)
  • of poor fertility, infertile (adjective)
  • bleak (adjective)
  • not productive (adjective)
  • An area of low fertility and habitation, a desolate place. (noun)

Examples of word barren

  • That is, _such barren plants_ are exhibited in the creation, to make us _thankful when we have more taste and feeling than he, of those parts_ or qualities _which_ produce fruit _in us_, and preserve as from being likewise _barren plants_.
  • But Strabo only speaks of the neighborhood of Jerusalem, which he calls barren and arid to the extent of sixty stadia round the city: in other parts he gives a favorable testimony to the fertility of many parts of Palestine: thus he says, "Near Jericho there is a grove of palms, and a country of a hundred stadia, full of springs, and well peopled."
  • Given that recent US wars have been fought in barren deserts and urban cityspaces, it seems difficult to imagine that the robots will find plentiful plant matter to consume.
  • This influx revitalized the Scottish Highlands: glens that had lain barren save eagles and rutting stags since the Highland Clearances of the 1780s rang once again with human activity.
  • EL ALTO, Bolivia — Tattered dummies look down on this city from street poles in barren squares, like scarecrows for anyone with bad intentions.


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