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What is the meaning of base in Hindi?

Meaning of base in Hindi is : हीन

Definition of word base

  • Low in height; short. (adjective)
  • Of low value or degree. (adjective)
  • Of low social standing or rank; vulgar, common. (adjective)
  • Morally reprehensible, immoral; cowardly. (adjective)
  • Inferior; unworthy, of poor quality. (adjective)
  • Designating those metals which are not classed as precious or noble. (adjective)
  • Something from which other things extend; a foundation. (noun)
  • The starting point of a logical deduction or thought; (Basis). (noun)
  • A permanent structure for housing military personnel and material. (noun)
  • The place where decisions for an organization are made; headquarters. (noun)
  • A basic but essential component or ingredient. (noun)
  • Any of a class of generally water-soluble compounds, having bitter taste, that turn red litmus blue, and react with acids to form salts. (noun)
  • Important areas in games and sports (noun)
  • The lowermost part of a column, between the shaft and the pedestal or pavement. (noun)
  • A nucleotide's nucleobase in the context of a DNA or RNA biopolymer. (noun)
  • The end of a leaf, petal or similar organ where it is attached to its support. (noun)
  • The name of the controlling terminal of a bipolar transistor (BJT). (noun)
  • The lowest side of a in a triangle or other polygon, or the lowest face of a cone, pyramid or other polyhedron laid flat. (noun)
  • A number raised to the power of an exponent. (noun)
  • Alternative to radix. (noun)
  • The set of sets from which a topology is generated. (noun)
  • A topological space, looked at in relation to one of its covering spaces, fibrations, or bundles. (noun)
  • A cheerleader who stays on the ground. (noun)
  • A morpheme (or morphemes) that serves as a basic foundation on which affixes can be attached. (noun)
  • To have as its foundation or starting point. (verb)
  • To be located (at a particular place). (verb)
  • Alternative form of BASE. (initialism)

Examples of word base

  • Everyone flies into a PANIC, * Not OUR Base** The base is essential to the local economy** Not our base*
  • _ _The base is right_; 'tis the _base knave that jars_.
  • # Add autocompletion to cs function function _cs_scandir local base ext base = $1 ext = $2 if [- d $base]; then for d in ` ls $base `; do if [- d $base/$d]; then dirs = "$dirs $ext$d/" fi local cur dirs
  • Ask your compiler: struct base {virtual ~base (); virtual void f () const; struct derived: base {
  • The only candiodate who will ever do anything for the Clinton and McCain base is Barack Obama, but these people are too frightened (if not delusional like their candidates) to realise that.


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