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What is the meaning of basement in Hindi?

Meaning of basement in Hindi is : भूगृ्ह

Definition of word basement

  • A floor of a building below ground level. (noun)
  • Last place in a sports conference standings. (noun)

Examples of word basement

    • Slamming my head repeatedly against the steel support post in the basement is the only certain solution, but I might wake up a Republican congressman. hc carey says:
    • The flood in the basement is a less uplifting indicator that a major thaw is underway.
    • It was amongst the jars my mother-in-love gave me many years ago from her fruit room that's what she called her basement canning storage room.
    • The scene in the basement is a flower-power nightmare version of the daytime variety shows on Japanese television.
    • He then started talking about the Country Music Hall of Fame and how he wished he could go into what he called the basement to see where they keep "the good stuff."


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