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What is the meaning of bat in Hindi?

Meaning of bat in Hindi is : बल्लेबाजी करना

Definition of word bat

  • Any of the small, nocturnal, flying mammals of the order Chiroptera, which navigate by means of echolocation. They look like a mouse with membranous wings extending from the forelimbs to the hind limbs or tail. Altogether, there are about 1,000 bat species in the world. (noun)
  • An old woman. (noun)
  • A low whore: so called from moving out like a bat in the dusk of the evening. (noun)
  • A club made of wood or aluminium used for striking the ball in sports such as baseball, softball and cricket. (noun)
  • A turn at hitting the ball with a bat in a game. (noun)
  • : The piece of wood on which the spinner places the coins and then uses for throwing them. (Reference: Sidney J. Baker, The Australian Language, second edition, 1966, chapter XI section 3, page 242.) (noun)
  • to hit with a bat. (verb)
  • to take a turn at hitting a ball with a bat in sports like cricket, baseball and softball, as opposed to fielding. (verb)
  • to strike or swipe as though with a bat (verb)
  • packsaddle (noun)
  • to flutter: bat one's eyelashes. (verb)

Examples of word bat

  • I hereby resolve to slip in, heh, the term bat-shit slippery at the next possible opportunity by way of test drive.
  • Why Shapira didn't just cut to the chase and ask for the name right off the bat is a mystery to me.
  • Right off the bat is his introduction and damn was it cool.
  • One problem I ran into right off the bat is the game kept crashing whenever I clicked anything, but I found out that if you disable the Eastern Language Packet with XP, it works fine. melix
  • Next morning he finds that the bat is almost dead and is covered with ants which are devouring it.


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