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What is the meaning of beaconing in Hindi?

Meaning of beaconing in Hindi is : बीकनन

Definition of word beaconing

  • Present participle of beacon. (The emitting of signals from a beacon). (verb)
  • gerund of beacon (noun)

Examples of word beaconing

    • Aruba and AeroScout leverage a tag beaconing method that helps reduce network traffic and conserve tag battery life.
    • The wireless indicator LED on the laptop is 'beaconing' blinking once every 3 seconds.
    • On-ground investigations at Dharamshala, where the Tibetan exile community is headquartered, showed that computers were beaconing with server ‘jdusnemsaz’ in Chongqing in China.
    • Ra nodded and headed after the King who was beaconing them forward Mist followed behind dad
    • Hiding your ESS might stop your AP or router from beaconing, but the AP constantly sends management frames that contain ESS and MACs.


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