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What is the meaning of beacons in Hindi?

Meaning of beacons in Hindi is :

Definition of word beacons

  • Plural form of beacon. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of beacon. (verb)

Examples of word beacons

  • John was not there; indeed, if he had been, I could scarcely have seen him; I could see nothing but the void expanse of the Flat, or, looking down, the broad river of mist that rolled through the valley, on the other side of which twinkled a few cottage lights, like unearthly beacons from the farthest shore of an impassable flood.
  • The market may be reflecting soaring Chinese investment, rising consumer confidence and other cheerful data but economists see few long-term beacons of hope for Japan.
  • He said SETI would have a much better chance of detecting ET if it scanned all the stars in the galaxy for powerful signals - or "beacons" - sent out to deliberately contact other life forms.
  • Galactic coordinates and the nearest Cepheid-wariable tag beacons are in the ephemerides listed to your screens.
  • A new concept called "beacons" allow you to contact friends on Facebook from Xbox, to invite them to play games.


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