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What is the meaning of beaming in Hindi?

Meaning of beaming in Hindi is : दीप्तिमान

Definition of word beaming

  • Smilingly happy; showing happy emotion. (adjective)
  • Present participle of beam. (verb)

Examples of word beaming

    • She was exchanging private glances with Joel and beaming from the audience like a proud mother (and looking a lot like Mrs. Miller from “Almost Famous”) every time the brothers were onstage.
    • The gallant steed bounded forward – the golden light was beaming from the sky – and we paused to watch his progress.
    • “An officer, no less,” his mother said in German, beaming with pride.
    • The reporters on all of them were all just beaming, which is not something they normally do here.
    • The only line I can draw between the two is the idea of beaming consciousness and control into a separate being to inhabit an otherwise uninhabitable planet.


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