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What is the meaning of beamish in Hindi?

Meaning of beamish in Hindi is :

Definition of word beamish

  • Radiantly beaming; happy; cheerful. (adjective)

Examples of word beamish

  • But just as she whirled past, Mary saw them, and leaned back to wave her hand and smile her "beamish" smile at the unwitting discoverers of her secret.
  • To defend against the higher standard implied by the first … and while from an American neocon, this would be to defend the IDF from being judged by the same standard, but in other circles around the world it might be to defend Hamas from being held to the same standard demanded of the IDF … jump up and down and pretend that it should be understood as saying the second. beamish Says:
  • So that is also pretty good evidence that the financial system is no longer the constraint. beamish says:
  • This is why unlimited leverage is so important. beamish says:
  • John Skookum says: beamish: Normally, we use ‘lately’ for that sensenow.


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