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What is the meaning of bear in Hindi?

Meaning of bear in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word bear

  • A large omnivorous mammal, related to the dog and raccoon, having shaggy hair, a very small tail, and flat feet; a member of family Ursidae, particularly of subfamily Ursinae. (noun)
  • To endeavour to depress the price of, or prices in. (verb)
  • Characterized by or believing to benefit of declining prices in securities markets. (adjective)
  • To carry something. (verb)
  • To be equipped with (something). (verb)
  • To wear or display. (verb)
  • To declare as testimony. (verb)
  • To put up with something. (verb)
  • To give birth to someone or something; it may take the father of the direct object as an indirect object. (verb)
  • To produce or yield something, such as fruit or crops. (verb)
  • To be—or head—in a specific direction or azimuth (from somewhere). (verb)

Examples of word bear

  • "I had rather _bear with_ you than _bear_ you; yet if I did bear you, I should bear no _cross_, for I think you have no _money_ in your purse."
  • Sanskrit _bharna_, which signifies "the borne one," "that which is born," from the primitive Indo-European root _bhr_, "to bear, to carry in the womb," whence our "to _bear_" and the German
  • Again, He tells us: "_The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away_," that is to say, _the valiant, the energetic, and persevering_, will alone succeed in securing it; for the words _bear away_ express the action of one that seizes a prey.
  • Then Draper Spence broke out, with a catch in his throat: "That's what I can't bear, Millner, what I simply can't _bear: _ to hurt him, to hurt his faith in _me!
  • Those who think they can predict bear markets, and anyone foolish enough to listen to them, might be humbler and wiser if they realized that the term "bear market" has been in flux for a century.


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