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What is the meaning of beast in Hindi?

Meaning of beast in Hindi is : पशु

Definition of word beast

  • Any animal other than a human; usually only applied to land vertebrates. Especially large or dangerous four-footed ones (noun)
  • A domestic animal, especially a bovine farm animal: (noun)
  • A person who behaves in a violent, antisocial or uncivilized manner. (noun)
  • A large and impressive automobile (noun)
  • A sex offender. (noun)
  • to impose arduous exercises, either as training or as punishment. (verb)
  • great; excellent; powerful (adjective)

Examples of word beast

  • The symbol of a beast considered merely _as a beast_, could not, in the nature of the case, signify anything more than a temporal kingdom or political empire.
  • Deep in the nature of all these noble races there lurks unmistakably the beast of prey, the _blond beast_, lustfully roving in search of booty and victory.
  • And _a brute beast _ -- whose fellow I had contemptuously destroyed -- _a brute beast_ to work out for _me_ -- for me a man, fashioned in the image of the High God -- so much of insufferable wo!
  • If you look in the dictionary under the word beast there are these words any nonhuman animal, especially a large, four-footed mammal.
  • It does not call up the beast, and if it did it would not matter much, as a rule; the beast is a harmless and rather amiable creature, as anybody can see by watching cattle.


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