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What is the meaning of beastly in Hindi?

Meaning of beastly in Hindi is : बेकार

Definition of word beastly

  • Pertaining to, or having the form, nature, or habits of a beast. (adjective)
  • Characterizing the nature of a beast; contrary to the nature and dignity of man; brutal; filthy. (adjective)
  • Abominable (adjective)
  • Like a beast; brutishly. (adverb)

Examples of word beastly

  • Well, actually, the term beastly means beastly for a reason: because this is how beasts behave.
  • To such a being the golden gates are closed; and the Easterners, whom he despised for what he termed their beastly lethargies, have taught me the real secret of the poppy.
  • We cross lakes in beastly winds, whitecaps slopping over the sides of the canoes, then grind out in bony streambeds where the water dribbles through hundreds of yards of boulder and cobble.
  • I say, I beg your pardon, frightfully — I'm afraid I'm bein 'beastly long-winded.
  • "What do you call the beastly stuff?" asked Telson.


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