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What is the meaning of beatify in Hindi?

Meaning of beatify in Hindi is : सुखी बनाना

Definition of word beatify

  • To make blissful. (verb)
  • To pronounce or regard as happy, or supremely blessed, or as conferring happiness. (verb)
  • To carry out the third of four steps in canonization, making someone a saint. (verb)

Examples of word beatify

  • Many Catholics in the world are rejoicing over Pope Benedict XVI's announcement last week that he will beatify John Paul on May 1.
  • Last week, Pope Benedict XVI announced he will beatify the late pope on May 1.
  • Pope Benedict XVI attributed a medical miracle to the intercession of the late Pope John Paul II and announced plans to beatify his predecessor during a Vatican ceremony on May 1.
  • North Korean students are taught Revolutionary History from elementary school to university, a subject full of tales that mystify and beatify the Kim dynasty, said Jun Myung-ho, a defector based in Seoul, who worked in North Korea's ruling Workers' Party for nine years before escaping to the South in 2004.
  • VATICAN CITY Evidence is mounting that the pope will soon approve the miracle needed to beatify Pope John Paul II, setting the stage for a major celebration this year for a Catholic Church trying to recover from the clerical sex abuse scandal.


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