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What is the meaning of beautiful in Hindi?

Meaning of beautiful in Hindi is : स्वादिष्ट

Definition of word beautiful

  • Attractive and possessing charm. (adjective)
  • pleasant; clear. (adjective)
  • well executed (adjective)
  • How beautiful that is! (adjective)
  • How unfortunate that is! (adjective)

Examples of word beautiful

  • He owes (owns, possesses,) a beautiful harp -- _beautiful_!
  • Where the adjectives and adverbs have two or more syllables, most of them are compared by the use of the adverbs _more_ and _most_, or, if the comparison be a descending one, by the use of _less_ and _least_; as, _beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful_, and
  • -- _More beautiful, most beautiful_, etc. can hardly be called degree forms of the adjective.
  • His delight in battle arises solely from the loss of a beloved wife, and sadly calculated was the end of the beautiful Mrs Macduff to make the most serious impression on a husband's mind, all the more so, perhaps, in that so fully did she merit that epithet _beautiful_ which was always attached to her name.
  • Indoors I can't breathe -- but out of doors and at night this Paris of ours, -- ah! she is still beautiful -- _beautiful_!


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