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What is the meaning of bedeck in Hindi?

Meaning of bedeck in Hindi is : सुशोभित करना

Definition of word bedeck

  • To deck, ornament, or adorn; to grace. (verb)
    डेक करने के लिए, आभूषण, या सजाना; अनुग्रह करने के लिए।

Examples of word bedeck

  • Just as she had refused to "bedeck" herself for social occasions as a girl, so her choreography insisted that the audience see plainly what is there instead of buying into some comfy illusion.
  • Stretch your Samurai-headband-attired block of tofu and release your finger to ping him towards delicious blobs of chi, while avoiding his natural enemies, the iron spikes and spinning blades that bedeck increasing proportions of each level.
  • Invariably a few spotlight-hungry imposters will bedeck themselves with awards they did not earn, position themselves to be
  • Funny, but too bad they didn't bedeck it with ornaments and tinsel before launch.
  • More chances to reach out, to sing, to love, to bedeck ourselves in ritual colors and become splendid as the year turns around.
  • There are those who ignore the warnings, the patterns of stones laid out in vast shimmering mosaics, the singing wind-wires, the lines of suspended sun mirrors, designed to dazzle, and the flags that bedeck the ridges, hoisted on masts that bend and snap in the wind as if to berate and admonish those who venture too close.
  • Together with the vaguely Brooks-like saddle, skinwall tires, and "hammered" or hammered look fenders, the bike will do doubt infuriate Randonnerds, retrogrouches, and the sorts of people who bedeck their bicycles with an airport carousel's worth of canvas luggage, but will simply look really nice to people who don't know what any of that means or who don't really care.