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What is the meaning of bedizen in Hindi?

Meaning of bedizen in Hindi is : भड़किले कपड़े पहनाना

Definition of word bedizen

  • A person who spends most of their time in bed; a slugabed. (noun)
    एक व्यक्ति जो अपना अधिकांश समय बिस्तर पर बिताता है; एक स्लगबेड।
  • To ornament something in showy, tasteless, or gaudy finery. (verb)
    दिखावटी, बेस्वाद, या भड़कीली फाइनरी में कुछ अलंकृत करना।

Examples of word bedizen

    • Thou art in mourning now, as well as I: but if ever thy ridiculous turn lead thee again to be beau-brocade, I will bedizen thee, as the girls say, on my return, to my own fancy, and according to thy own natural appearance — Thou shalt doctor my soul, and I will doctor thy body: thou shalt see what a clever fellow I will make of thee.
    • We, whose fathers at least were Christians, who have grown up under those mediaeval arches even if we bedizen them with all the demons in
    • Prithee, young one, who art thou, and what has ailed thy mother to bedizen thee in this strange fashion?
    • I wasn't sure quite why I had resisted the array of baubles with which she had tried to further bedizen me; perhaps it was mere dislike of fussiness.
    • And Lily went up to her dressing-room; she wanted to look her best, to bedizen herself ... a little red on her lips, a little blue on her eyelids
    • It was the aid of Russia which enabled her to overthrow the great Napoleon, and now she permits the little Napoleon to bully her into a war with Russia that he may bedizen his name with the glory of a conflict with the conqueror of his illustrious kinsman.
    • He deplores himself, he distrusts himself, he plainly wishes heartily that he was not himself, but he never makes the slightest attempt to disguise and bedizen himself.
    • I will so bedizen your virile, though somewhat crassly practical gifts ---- Why, women are my long suit.
    • Thus a Frenchman, viewing the undraped statues which bedizen his native galleries of art, either enjoys them in a purely aesthetic fashion -- which is seldom possible save when he is in liquor -- or confesses frankly that he doesn't like them at all; whereas the visiting Americano is so powerfully shocked and fascinated by them that one finds him, the same evening, in places where no respectable man ought to go.