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What is the meaning of beer in Hindi?

Meaning of beer in Hindi is : शराब

Definition of word beer

  • An alcoholic drink fermented from starch material commonly barley malt, often with hops or some other substance to impart a bitter flavor. (noun)
    स्टार्च सामग्री से आमतौर पर जौ माल्ट से किण्वित एक मादक पेय, अक्सर कड़वा स्वाद प्रदान करने के लिए हॉप्स या किसी अन्य पदार्थ के साथ।

Examples of word beer

  • I am sorry that I didn't get an opportunity to get down to Washington en route to Woods Hole and talk over the whole thing over a bottle of beer, _dark beer_.
  • It was at a brew pub, which was good, but I wasn’t impressed with their beer selection (like 3 different kinds of IPAs among the 6 types of beer…
  • KNOWLEDGE ARCHIVE "A litre bottle of a certain beer is known as a 'Drogba' in the Ivory Coast, on account of it being big and strong," wrote Nathan Maddison in 2007.
  • Drinking 12 ounces of beer is the equivalent of eating two slices of bread, and the carbohydrates in beer, like those in bread, are used as an energy source for the brain, the blood and the muscles.
  • (This beer is a staple in my fridge; always have a growler.)
  • THE wildest alleycat fight since Finnegan needled the beer is about to take place in the American automobile world for 1960.
  • When the beer is available, I'll get a bottle and critique it on the show.
  • While seemingly innocuous, if you've had a few too many "sports drinks" (which I call beer in Gatorade squeeze bottles, for the beer drinker who doesn't have time to both open and close his mouth), this can be confusing and may even lead you to believe you're watching the game backwards.