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What is the meaning of before in Hindi?

Meaning of before in Hindi is : हाथ में

Definition of word before

  • Earlier than (in time). (preposition)
  • In front of in space. (preposition)
  • Under consideration, judgment, authority of (someone). (preposition)
  • In store for, in the future of (someone). (preposition)
  • In front of, according to a formal system of ordering items. (preposition)
  • At a higher or greater position in a subjective ranking. (preposition)
  • at an earlier time (adverb)
  • in advance (adverb)
  • in advance of the time when (conjunction)
  • rather or sooner than (conjunction)

Examples of word before

  • What this bill does do, in my opinion, is to cover a looming problem of insurance premiums spiking as the boomers age (ie. attempting to get a handle on a financial crisis *before* it takes down a great number of decent people) and a populist desire to insure and care for a majority of people (this comes before you start pus polling and scaring seniors with lies about Medicare coverage).
  • I started her treatment a month back , I also continue with my insulin, she gave me a greenish herbal powder , that has to sorted into daily dosages twice before meals, along with a tablet Triglucord Forte ..before I visited her I took my blood sugar levels ..
  • My memory does not serve me so as to enable me to state, whether the Acdazeer's visit to Java was before or after the promulgation of the law prohibiting ships with opium and warlike stores entering any of the ports of Netherlands India; but I think it was _before_ that regulation was made public.
  • Jordan, he instructed them how the ark of the covenant was to go before them and a space to be left between them and it, so that they might know the way by which they must go, _for they had not passed this way before_.
  • But before any one settles down into a conclusion that this passage warrants the use of wine and ardent spirits, in our age and country, let him consider that there may have been, as there doubtless were, peculiar reasons, under the Levitical dispensation, for permitting the Jews to partake of what their soul desired _before the Lord_, which would not apply to mankind generally; as was the case in respect to several other things.


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