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What is the meaning of befoul in Hindi?

Meaning of befoul in Hindi is : बदनाम करना

Definition of word befoul

  • To make foul; to soil. (verb)

Examples of word befoul

  • Katrina van den Heuvel will make Grover Norquist befoul his panties.
  • He experienced the gall of bitter suffering under a brutal prison regime but did not let spiritual bitterness befoul his soul.
  • The teabagger trolls that befoul this blog are Klansmen.
  • For a nation to endorse torture as an element of policy and to employ it just once is to befoul it morally ever bit as much as if it had tortured millions.
  • Jwest will be the first to throw a hissy fit and befoul his panties after his favorite Starbucks raises their prices 200%.
  • Men who work in a macho sports world, where to yield a step means intolerable humiliation, willingly befoul their own legacy, and then surrender it to long-term tarnish.
  • What stems and leaves befoul his work he gathers in a canopy, avoiding both sun and rain.
  • Phineas was imprisoned on an island with a giant feast laid before him that he could never eat because the Harpies would steal food from his hands, and befoul the rest with their droppings.