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What is the meaning of begetter in Hindi?

Meaning of begetter in Hindi is : जनक

Definition of word begetter

  • A procreator; one who begets. (noun)
  • An originator; a creator. (noun)

Examples of word begetter

    • The offspring must seek and love the begetter; and especially so when begetter and begotten are alone in their sphere; when, in addition, the begetter is the highest good, the offspring [inevitably seeking its Good] is attached by a bond of sheer necessity, separated only in being distinct.
    • Thorpe rarely used words with much exactness. {403b} It is obvious that he did not employ 'begetter' in the ordinary sense.
    • Some scholars have supposed that the word 'begetter' in this dedication means simply the procurer of the Sonnets for Thomas
    • Since the party's preferred historical narrative casts it as the only begetter of China's liberation and subsequent rise, this awkward complication is hard to overlook.
    • He was the only national newspaperman along with provincial compatriot JBG Thomas of the Western Mail to cover the full Lions tours of 1950 and 1955, was for more than 30 years the only begetter of the invaluable Rothmans Rugby Annual.


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