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What is the meaning of beginner in Hindi?

Meaning of beginner in Hindi is : शिशिक्षु

Definition of word beginner

  • Someone who is just starting at something, or has only recently started. (noun)

Examples of word beginner

  • Note that the term beginner is used in a broader sense.
  • Starting out with the big stuff as a beginner is a good way to pick up some bad habits.
  • An easy one for a beginner is the dress with the square neck - there are no buttons or zippers, instead there is a sash to pull in the waist and darts to make it a bit more fitted in front.
  • I am what you call a beginner, or advanced beginner in photography.
  • So my advice to the beginner is not to do any of this in isolation.
  • The difference between an experienced writer and a beginner is quite simple.
  • Interesting as I have been told in beginner Spanish classes (3 of them as I am slow) that the Spanish "e" is always like a English long "a".