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What is the meaning of beguile in Hindi?

Meaning of beguile in Hindi is : भुलावा देना

Definition of word beguile

  • To deceive or delude (using guile). (verb)

Examples of word beguile

  • Princess! they are simple, and such as beguile tentmen and tentwomen shut in by the desert, their fancies tender as children's.
  • By strong delusion; such as beguile the soul with damnable doctrines, that swerve from faith and godliness, 'They have chosen their own ways,' saith God, 'and their soul delighteth in their abominations.
  • One of the tasks I saw was a spelling contest where the participants misspelt everything: faux pas became 'fohpa,' cyst became 'sest,' beguile 'begyal' and so on.
  • With the naturalist who ventures from England to discover if a fabled plant actually exists or is just the fantastical imaginings of an artist who wanted to beguile?
  • Mama said, "You will beguile many a folded finger, my cherub".
  • He had given the world an intoxicating insight into cooperation that would seduce and beguile generations of biologists: if genes were the key entities vying to get to the next generation, then it made sense for individuals to incur a cost if at the same time they conferred a benefit on relatives who carried the same genes.
  • He had no toys, nothing with which to beguile the long and tedious hours.
  • So simple that a child can love it, yet sophisticated enough to beguile adults, this is a masterpiece whose beauty cannot be fully appreciated in photographs or in a thousand words of praise.
  • She, like the serpent, has managed to beguile her baseless party .....