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What is the meaning of behind in Hindi?

Meaning of behind in Hindi is : पीठपर

Definition of word behind

  • at the back of (preposition)
  • to the back of (preposition)
  • after, time- or motion-wise (preposition)
  • responsible for (preposition)
  • in support of (preposition)
  • At the back part; in the rear. (adverb)
  • Toward the back part or rear; backward; as, to look behind. (adverb)
  • Not yet brought forward, produced, or exhibited to view; out of sight; remaining. (adverb)
  • Backward in time or order of succession; past. (adverb)
  • After the departure of another; as, to stay behind. (adverb)
  • Behind the scenes in a theatre; backstage. (adverb)
  • the rear, back-end (noun)
  • bottom, downside (noun)
  • butt, the buttocks (noun)
  • A 1 point score. (noun)
  • The catcher. (noun)

Examples of word behind

  • These nurses were allowed to go to South Africa on the understanding that they would work behind the lines, but, as guerrilla warfare developed, women in nursing capacities found themselves unable to remain “behind the lines.
  • "He got it close, and from behind -- _from behind_ do you hear?"
  • Why, you're worth [_Crossing behind table, stands behind_ LAURA.] that and a whole lot more.
  • At last they had bribed a man to light a fire in the hills behind the town, and so on the fourth night they got somewhere near it, but they could not make out the ships on account of the _dark land behind_ them.
  • a man behind them -- _behind_ them, mind you -- came on their heels and plugged every son of them before they were more than inside my door!


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