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What is the meaning of bellyache in Hindi?

Meaning of bellyache in Hindi is : पेट में दर्द होना

Definition of word bellyache

  • Any pain in the belly, stomach, or abdomen. (noun)
  • To complain or whine, especially needlessly. (verb)

Examples of word bellyache

    • Listening to conservos bellyache is like listening to a frat boy who has set fire to his frat house and then complains about how much water the fire department uses to put the fire out. george in MD
    • don't just "bellyache" DO what you can to make a difference in your corner of the universe.
    • i think a night in the dungeon would be preferable to a Subway 'bellyache' special ...
    • I used to dive and swim so much that I usually ended up with bellyache thanks to swallowing too much salt water.
    • A 9-year-old girl's appendix ruptures after doctors rule she's just got a bellyache.


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