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What is the meaning of beloved in Hindi?

Meaning of beloved in Hindi is : सावरिया

Definition of word beloved

  • loved (adjective)
  • someone who is loved; something that is loved (noun)

Examples of word beloved

    • Maybe Monday or later in the week a decision will be taken, by then half of you will be gazed or shellacked to use an expression beloved by BHO. cornel: Are they still waiting for outside help?
    • To Kill A Mockingbird is also beautifully presented by Universal, which makes sense for one of the films that truly deserves the word beloved.
    • She replied, Not so, my beloved is the fairer; woe to thee, O Dahnash!
    • We can build what he called a beloved community—a truly interracial democracy, a community at peace with itself.
    • Martha Stewart making her statement, a defiant Martha Stewart, saying that this was a shameful day for her, for her family, for what she calls her beloved company.