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What is the meaning of bemoan in Hindi?

Meaning of bemoan in Hindi is : सहानुभूति करना

Definition of word bemoan

  • to complain about; to dismay or worry about something (verb)

Examples of word bemoan

  • For the retentive types who extra time on their hands to copy-edit others’ posts: yes I know how bemoan is actually spelled.
  • Every year those of us engaged in the world of books and the written word bemoan losses in publishing.
  • It noted that if it did repatriate cash it could change the company's effective tax rate; companies typically bemoan the high taxes on repatriated cash, and hope the U.S. government declares a temporary tax break on repatriation as it has occasionally done in the past.
  • Mourinho described the second leg in Barcelona as "mission impossible" as he continued to bemoan his side's treatment by the referee.
  • And so, finally, as others bemoan the death of American leadership, a candidate has the hubris to invoke a grand dream and the media and others pile on.


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