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What is the meaning of bending in Hindi?

Meaning of bending in Hindi is : वंकन

Definition of word bending

  • Present participle of bend. (verb)
  • A motion or action that bends. (noun)

Examples of word bending

    • Most of the movements which we call bending the spine are really movements of other joints which connect the body or head with it.
    • Scroll down the CNN Political Ticker articles and you'll read things like: So how would the Senate bill fare in bending the cost curve from the perspective of the federal budget?
    • Genre-bending is tricky because you have to appeal not merely to readers that are fantasy fans or sci-fi fans, but readers that are both fantasy and sci-fi fans.
    • In fact I wouldn't mind having even more inputs, which for me, equate to increased agility in bending teh computarz to my will.
    • Aang is rumored to be the Avatar, someone who is proficient in bending Air, Water, Earth and Fire, and as such works as the one who will promote and maintain balance throughout the land.


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