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What is the meaning of benefit in Hindi?

Meaning of benefit in Hindi is : हितलाभ

Definition of word benefit

  • An advantage, help or aid from something. (noun)
  • A payment made in accordance with an insurance policy or a public assistance scheme. (noun)
  • A performance, etc, given to raise funds for some cause. (noun)
  • To be or to provide a benefit to. (verb)
  • To receive a benefit (from). To be a beneficiary. (verb)

Examples of word benefit

  • At least President Obama understands that America is not a theocracy, so that we may again benefit from the input of our best & brightest.
  • The main benefit is that insurance companies are able to press dentists to accept lower payments than cash-paying patients.
  • The main benefit is that pragmatic adjudication will (arguably) have fewer bad results in individual cases, if only because seeking good results is precisely the objective of this approach.
  • The main benefit is that writing this stuff down frees up brain space that was being used to hold it, and encourages/allows me to follow the idea to the next step.
  • I guess the main benefit is the anonymity, but you could easily use Skype for that … unimpressive in my view.


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