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What is the meaning of benzene in Hindi?

Meaning of benzene in Hindi is : बेन्जीन

Definition of word benzene

  • An aromatic hydrocarbon of formula C6H6 whose structure consists of a ring of alternate single and double bonds. (noun)
  • Sometimes used in place of the phenyl group (noun)

Examples of word benzene

    • In addition to greenhouse gas reductions, the report looked at new regulations to reduce the release of toxic and carcinogenic emissions such as benzene, which is released from gas pumps and acrylonitrile, which is used to manufacture synthetic rubber.
    • This type of chromosomal damage has been associated with increased cancer risk and has been reported previously in other workers exposed to benzene, which is a constituent of oil.
    • Naphtha produced from steam cracking contains benzene, which is extracted prior to hydrotreating.
    • A ship like the one that you have described that is full of benzene, which is very flammable and volatile, we often have ships, chemical tankers that carry some very deadly chemicals.
    • Complicating matters here, the hijacked boat is carrying the chemical benzene, which is highly flammable.


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