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What is the meaning of beside in Hindi?

Meaning of beside in Hindi is : से हटा हुआ

Definition of word beside

  • Next to; at the side of. (preposition)
  • Not relevant to. (preposition)

Examples of word beside

    • He thinks of being AWOL, and likes the idea of the label beside his name, the sense it gives of who he is.
    • Boucheau, the name beside the bottom button reads.
    • I rolled down the window, looked at his shield and the name beside his photo, and smiled.
    • I think it was a real aesthetic satisfaction; I know they would talk of it afterward for hours, with sighing comparisons of the "form" of the young men of Elgin, which they called beside Hesketh's quite outre.
    • ... but a label beside each flavor helps the process greatly especially when the loud speakers are blaring in the background.


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