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What is the meaning of best equipped in Hindi?

Meaning of best equipped in Hindi is :

Definition of word best equipped

Examples of word best equipped

  • Today, the Department of Defense has realized in large measure the objectives stated in the National Security Act. The Armed Forces and the unified commands have achieved a remarkable degree of integration in organization and operations and remain the best-trained, bestequipped, and best-prepared fighting force in the world.
  • We're going to make certain they remain the best-trained, bestequipped, best-prepared fighting force on the face of this Earth.
  • You are beyond question the best-trained, the bestequipped fighting force the world has ever known.
  • If you have the character and will to win, we owe it to you to make you the best-trained, the best-prepared, the bestequipped and the best-supported fighting force on the face of the earth.
  • With the support of two sympathetic business partners, I transformed a former supermarket into the largest and bestequipped private commercial gallery in Toronto.
  • Here is one of the largest and bestequipped commercial nuclear development centres in America.
  • These shops were easily the largest and bestequipped in the Union when in 1838 John Stevens died at the age of ninety.