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What is the meaning of bestow in Hindi?

Meaning of bestow in Hindi is : प्रदान करना

Definition of word bestow

  • To lay up in store; deposit for safe keeping; stow; place. (verb)
  • To lodge, or find quarters for; provide with accommodation. (verb)
  • To dispose of. (verb)
  • To give; confer; impart gratuitously; present something to someone as a gift or honour. (verb)
  • To give in marriage. (verb)
  • To apply; make use of; use; employ. (verb)
  • To behave or deport. (verb)

Examples of word bestow

  • _bestow upon others_, and which we can bestow _liberally_ because by this very action we open the way for still greater supplies to flow in.
  • Let her work for you in return for this; she don't ask alms, she only wants employment and a little kindness, and the best charity we can bestow is to see that she has both.
  • But the idea of relinquishing those delightful amusements and flattering attentions, which wealth and equipage bestow, is painful.
  • That's a title we bestow on athletes in any sport who like to get bloody.
  • Would not viewing an individual's sexual orientation and behaviors as unique to that individual, rather than typical of a group identity, get rid of the sense of rigidity and exclusion that labels bestow?


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