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What is the meaning of bestowed in Hindi?

Meaning of bestowed in Hindi is :

Definition of word bestowed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of bestow. (verb)

Examples of word bestowed

  • Romney is obviously betting an extremist line on immigration will help him going into South Carolina and dispel any notion that he is a "Massachusetts moderate", the label bestowed upon him by Newt Gingrich.
  • Even if our success is as part of a team effort, we are each unique and can never be defined by a label bestowed upon us by others or by being forced into a group or class.
  • Unofficially, and as far as anyone around here was concerned, the neighborhood was Felony Flats, a name bestowed by police officers some years earlier because of the concentration of criminals among the citizenry.
  • When people complain, the city fathers point to things such as South Bend's recent designation as an "All American City," a designation bestowed by judges who haven't visited.
  • ✒It might seem that the title bestowed on Sir Ben Kingsley in 2002 is more trouble than it's worth.


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