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What is the meaning of bestrode in Hindi?

Meaning of bestrode in Hindi is :

Definition of word bestrode

  • Simple past tense and past participle of bestride. (verb)

Examples of word bestrode

  • So they gave him each an hundred gold pieces, after which he slew them and took their mules, one of which he mounted, whilst Ala al-Din bestrode the other.
  • To be sure, "Greater Germany was a reality: it bestrode the continent, its economy was the strongest and its political model was the most dynamic."
  • Sometimes it almost frightens me to think that they are grandchildren, MY grandchildren — I, who only the other day, it would seem, was as heart-free, leg-free, care-free a girl as ever bestrode a horse, or swam in the big surf, or gathered opihis at low tide, or laughed at a dozen lovers.
  • Britain bestrode the world like a colossus and only those with strong nerves or weak judgment dared challenge the Pax Britannica.
  • In making the "intrusiveness" argument, Cameron is probably drawing on a dimly remembered era in Tory folk memory when feminists bestrode the Earth.


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