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What is the meaning of bewilder in Hindi?

Meaning of bewilder in Hindi is : हैरान करना

Definition of word bewilder

  • To confuse, puzzle or befuddle someone, especially with many different things. (verb)

Examples of word bewilder

  • I beg the reader not to let the term bewilder him but to make it his own.
  • The buttons on his push-button phone kind of bewilder him at times.
  • Go to Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck's Apsley menus 'bewilder' critic
  • Eleven years on and the hurried portraits of Dave, Nick and Mat will this week be put up for auction at a sale which will either bewilder people, or get them hunting through drawers for that elusive bit of paper from the time they got the artist to draw them a picture.
  • A team that focuses heavily on defense and relies on a tough matchup zone to bewilder opponents, Rutgers held foes to fewer than 55 points a game.
  • That was a little bit of a challenge, and might bewilder some, but it confirmed one truism: Save your manuals!
  • The nuances never quite settle to a point of reference, and instead confuse, bewilder, and even overwhelm.
  • "In a Better World" is decorated with some gorgeous photography, both of Denmark and Africa; children in the latter are depicted as joyous, despite the sadistic violence around them; children in Denmark are preoccupied with matters that bewilder the war-weary Anton, who tries to teach the boys a lesson about the never-ending nature of revenge and retribution, but to little effect.
  • Some of my favorites include: behoove bewilder bologna ... only because it is not spelled the way it sounds nonetheless ... 3 words in 1!