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What is the meaning of bewitch in Hindi?

Meaning of bewitch in Hindi is : सम्मोहित करना

Definition of word bewitch

  • to cast a spell on someone or something (verb)

Examples of word bewitch

  • Together they studied the Bac books, and Barragán began to design patios which would "bewitch" the user, and to pursue his search for an "emotional architecture."
  • Bac’s illustrated books on the art of landscaping - Le CoIombier and the Enchanted Gardens - suggested that gardens should be enchanted places for meditation, with the capacity to "bewitch" the onlooker.
  • Imagine, I've become the porridge princess- I can bewitch the oats and water into a pottage that makes the young men laugh and old men cease their laughter- me, an incomer, with not a word of Gaelic and a name that's not an island name, aye, right enough, and laundry on the line on Sunday- do you know my secret?
  • Nonetheless, when the Emperor lay dying, the nightingale returned to bewitch Death and earn the ruler a reprieve.
  • I am just trying to suggest that the way we use language, and especially the way we use normative terms in a non-normative sense, can bewitch us even into our thinking within ourselves that we have reached some kind of conclusion, when all we have done is restated our assumptions in an obscure way.
  • If I could bewitch authors with such a spell my top 5 would be:
  • Twenty years later, these theories re-emerged in comics like "Pharaon: The Ice Brain," in which spies uncover a Nazi cabal bunkered inside a Tibetan mountain, where they have built a supercomputer "to intoxicate the world and bewitch the people!"