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What is the meaning of bewitched in Hindi?

Meaning of bewitched in Hindi is : सम्मोहित

Definition of word bewitched

  • Under a spell; entranced. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of bewitch. (verb)

Examples of word bewitched

    • The idea that Satan was at all times seeking to undermine the Puritan church also made it easy to believe that anyone living outside of, or contrary to, that church was an agent of the devil, in short, bewitched.
    • “We are bewitched, that is certain, and we shall not get away from here before broad day.
    • "Is your sword bewitched, or under the influence of some imperial charm?"
    • "Is your sword bewitched, or under the influence of some charm?"
    • Bill later claims that he was "bewitched" when he began the cautious descent.
    • That sounded a BIT better until he added that they are considered "bewitched", victims of "black magic."
    • Consumers have lost their senses, have become "bewitched," and Dowd wonders what's next.
    • After the religious police arrested Faliah, she was convicted in April 2006 by a court in the town of Quraiyat on the basis of her coerced confession and statements of witnesses who said she had "bewitched" them.