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What is the meaning of bewitches in Hindi?

Meaning of bewitches in Hindi is :

Definition of word bewitches

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bewitch. (verb)

Examples of word bewitches

  • Lajos’s presence bewitches everyone, and the greatest part of his charmand his dangerlies in the deftness with which he wields that delicate power.
  • "Hoffman's shimmering, multigenerational melodrama bewitches with supernatural imagery."
  • Marie Dubois, one of the leads in Mr. Truffaut's "Shoot the Piano Player" the previous year, has an amusing cameo as Thérèse, the good-time girl who bewitches Jim for a spell.
  • Although Heinrich Mann's magnum opus was a two-volume historical novel that he wrote during his French exile in the 1930s—about Henry IV and his exemplary act of tolerance, the 1598 Edict of Nantes—Heinrich was best-known from his novel "Professor Unrat": It was the basis for "The Blue Angel," the 1930 movie starring Marlene Dietrich as a young nightclub singer who bewitches a seemingly staid academic.
  • Even if she died and was sent to her village and buried, they would say her ghost comes out and bewitches them.
  • A jeweled knife bewitches anyone who holds it, enticing them to murder.
  • She irks as she endears, bemuses as she bewitches.
  • Orgon is desperate for affirmation; Tartuffe, who poses as a spiritual vagabond, bewitches the older man.