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What is the meaning of bff in Hindi?

Meaning of bff in Hindi is :

Definition of word bff

Examples of word bff

  • My bff is in the hospital doing her best not to have her baby boy, as much as I wish I could say lets go for the pink blossom Im not sure her husband would be my fan anymore so I would have to say for a boy I like the olive medallion.
  • For the uninitiated, a bff is a "best friend forever."
  • I seem to recall my bff's anticipation for this season to start because as he said "it's been the best reviewed out of all the shows."
  • (What if I need to call my bff from the party to tell her about my run-in with Jude Law??)
  • i am so not goth i hv no problem wit dem in fact my bff is a goth. the clothes r so cool. but anyways is it just me or is Renesmee the best!
  • "We're not going to be 'bff's or go chill at the mall, but I'm not going to be a drill instructor in your face."
  • My "bff" likes the same person as me, and he probably likes her? ok so lets call my friend - sally and my crush - sam. so sally is really outgoing, friendly, very popular, funny, POPULAR.
  • Does anyone really think that they are going to become a "bff" of a CEO just through social media?